The Junior Academy of Sciences in 2019 will actively train the JAS students for international contests

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"We are the champions" is a project launched at the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the section of international mass events in early 2018 and will be implemented during 2019-2020. Its main goal is to get the JAS students acquainted with the opportunities and requirements for participation in the EU Young Scientists Competition - EUCYS (European Union Contest for Young Sciences), as well as in other international competitions and contests.

In order to revitalize children's interest during January-February 2018, during the winter scientific schools at the International Center for Children's Scientific Creativity of the "JAS" NC, there were several classes on the topic "Our Champions". Particularly, there were nearly 100 schoolchildren from the "Physics" (05/01/2018), "Robotics" (14/02/2018), "Biology for 9-11 grades" (20/02/2018), "Mathematics and Chemistry for 7-8 grades" (02/26/2018), "Chemistry for 9-11 grades" (02/28/2018) schools.

During the training students learned that the EUCYS Contest, founded in 1989 and initiated by the European Commission, aims to involve young people in their choice of life path and academic career, to promote cooperation and exchange of ideas among young scientists and help them to work further in the field of science and technology. The EUCYS International Jury is approved by the EU organizers and evaluates works on contemporary science and technology. Organizational and other requirements of the Contest are regulated by the EU document "Rules and Regulations". The awards were the prize money for the first, second and third places, as well as special awards. This is a competition for young people from 14 to 20 years old, the representatives of the European Union member states, as well as from Georgia, Israel, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey, Belarus, Canada, Ukraine, China, India, the United States and some others. Representatives of Ukraine have taken part in EUCYS since 1994. During the period of 1994-2018, they won 8 awards, 5 of which were from 2011, since the team of Ukraine began to form with the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works of the JAS students (it was identified as the national stage of the EUCYS contest).

To raise the "scientific spirit" a specially shot film about the JAS students’ achievements in the international competition arena during the last years was shown in the lessons. Interested spectators welcomed the video, asked questions and received recommendations on how to get involved in EUCYS. Separately, the attention of the participants was focused on the main condition - they should be the winners of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of research works, and to have good skills in English.
The appropriate reaction of the students of the "Our champions" classes, as well as their expressed interest in international events, showed the importance of the JAS further work in this direction. So the participants of the classes agreed on further communication by e-mail in order to study their notes and proposals for the preparation of recommendations for the development of a competitive business. Work on collecting and processing this information is ongoing.

The second important part of the project "We are the Champions" was the work with the participants of the IX All-Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Exhibition-Competition for Youth Innovation Projects "The Future of Ukraine" (Kyiv, November 21-23, 2018) to motivate their interest, study their needs and provide assistance in preparing for international competitive events in the form of meeting conversations. Particularly, the issues of improving their work to a competitive European level were discussed with 15 freely chosen participants of the exhibition, taking into account the positive experience of the participation of the JAS members in the EUCYS Contest over the past years. The information obtained as a result of the processing of the data sent by them will be used in the formulation of proposals on the organizational and other aspects of competitive events in Ukraine and abroad.

The third part of the project "We are the Champions" is to involve the students of those teachers who passed an internship in the European Nuclear Research Organization CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) into the competitions in the branches of physics and astronomy. These teachers can be considered as "CERN science ambassadors to Ukraine", as they actively disseminate acquired knowledge about CERN's recent achievements in the field of high-energy physics, activate and stimulate the interest of their students in in-depth study of physics, astronomy and astrophysics. This year is planned to train 75 students for participation in the JAS competition and some other contests.

Therefore, the Junior Academy of Sciences will actively continue to work on the improvement and development of the system of training students in 2019, as well as on the JAS representation at international contests, fairs, exhibitions, conferences and other events, so I wish the JAS students success in achieving high goals!

Oleksandr Yurov, Head of the JAS Department of International Mass Events
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