17-30 of June JASU Delegation Went to the USA to Visit Several International Organizations and Take Part in Genius Olympiad

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Oswego, Houston, New York City and Washington were four key cities on the travel agenda of employees and pupils of the Academy headed by the President of JASU Stanislav Dovhyi.

The starting point for the Ukrainian delegation in the USA became Genius Olympiad. This is an annual international intellectual competition among pupils of secondary school. Projects presented at the contest are dedicated to solve ecological issues. Participants competed in such disciplines: Basic Science, Engineering, Art, Creative Writing, Design, and Business Development.

Five members of JASU who went to the Olympiad in Oswego this year presented their developments in the first discipline. In this discipline approximately 800 projects were submitted in total. However, it did not stopped Ukrainian team from winning medals.

Andrii Horbonos from Dnipro brought home silver medal and Milana Brodovska from Odesa and Petro Voloshyn from Ternopil got the forth places that at the Olympiad are considered to be winning ones.

“My scientific work can be called ‘a molecular constructor’. Basically, we synthesized a substance that is a hydroxide of nickel. Part of nickel ions was substituted to aluminum ones and the space between layers was filled with Indigo carmine food colorant,” told Andrii Horbonos about his research.

The researcher said that this substance was synthesized for the first time in the world. It has to enhance properties of supercapacitors and increase capacity and velocity of loadings. Supercapacitors with this substance can be used in power systems of electric cars, life-support devices, power plants and backup generators.

Milana suggested ways of producing natural colorants at home and their application in different areas, for instance, in coloring cloth, wood, eggs and creating water colors. The girl even created “Handmade in Ukraine” kit for children’s art work, so that anyone can make these colorants by themselves.

Petro worked on “Implementing quantum algorithms into photonics devices” project. Optical circuits are used to convert information, and therefore system does not need special functional requirements (in particular, temperature close to absolute zero), unlike the original quantum computers.

“In future this model can be used in developing expansion cards for classical computers. This will significantly improve their physically limited computing powers and expand the limits of their usage,” explained young researcher.

In New York City Ukrainian delegation saw exhibits at the National Museum of Mathematics and visited main office of the United Nations where they had a meeting with the Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko.

Houston was the next stop on the American tour agenda. The pupils visited there NASA’s Mission Control Center and Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, a head-quarters for astronauts from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Besides, the pupils got themselves acquainted with representatives of three key space research companies, such as ‘Alpha Space’, ‘NanoRacks’, and ‘Staars’. All of them have their own centers at the International Space Station and each year they send 300-400 experiments to the space.

The trip to the capitol of the USA was the last part in the official program. Ukrainians met there with Yevhen Zenon-Stakhiv, an American scientist of Ukrainian descent and a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner. They also spoke to a professor of the George Washington University Andrii Afanasiev who graduated from Physics and Technology Faculty of V. Karazin Kharkiv National University. As the result of these meetings, the opening of Physics School for Ukrainian teachers and pupils at the George Washington University is being negotiated.

Also our delegation visited the United States Capitol, the home of the Congress and its Library. Moreover, they met with representatives of the non-profit non-governmental American organization ‘U.S. Ukraine Foundation’ founded to support democracy, free market and human rights in Ukraine.

While the pupils got inspired by new places and, perhaps, came up with new challenges for themselves, the employees of JASU were establishing connections with international organizations for further cooperation. However, such trips are important not only because of these aspects. Primarily, they are a part of educational and cultural diplomacy that creates an image of Ukraine in the eyes of international community.

Olena Sydoryk
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