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In the middle of the golden autumn, there was a successful educational business week for 27 exceptional students from all over Ukraine, who are the winners of the competitions of the Junior Academy of Sciences and authors of developments in the branches of IT technologies, electronics, equipment and ecology and resource conservation. That’s why the National Center "Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" hosted the All-Ukrainian Scientific Specialized School "UF Incubator StartUp Week" for them in MANLAB.CAMP in Kyiv, Pushcha-Vodytsya from September 15 to 20.

According to the project manager Vitaliy Lisovy, the task of the JAS business incubator is to teach children the basics of marketing and finance, team work and project presentations.

Ten projects were presented in the UF Incubator, so the students were divided into 10 teams, each consisted of three participants: the author of the invention (idea) of the startup, marketer and financier. The authors of the idea are also team leaders. Leading lecturers, psychologists and marketers from Kyiv and JAS specialists taught gifted youth positioning, marketing strategies and investment attraction, intellectual property rights protection, teamwork and proper presentation of projects.

The first day of the scientific school started with the training "Team building", where the PhD in psychology Iryna Grabska told about the target-setting, choice of values, team formation with the norms of cooperation and the formation of subgroups for working on projects. The next day, Victoria Karp, PhD in economics, marketer practitioner spoke about the theory of marketing with an explanation of the "Lean Canvas" blocks. There were also explanations of the work on the project perspective and its solution, a unique trade offer, and channels for the promotion of inventions, goods and services.

Experts noted all the developments of JAS students as innovative start-ups. These are a versatile quadcopter with advanced functionality, software for harmonious selection of music for motion on video, energy saving system in schools (using sensors for controlling the movement of the sun), reed heating technology, aerodynamic tube projects, automated pair of compasses etc.

Members of the specialized school of the Junior Academy of Sciences are planning to issue patents on their technical developments. During the "Intellectual Property" training from the Head of the Intellectual Property Department of the JAS Mykhailo Zuev students got the professional help in the complex protection of intellectual property rights in a lecture about the most common mistakes in the issue of patents.

The result of training in a business incubator was the presentation of these projects to a competent expert board on the last day of classes. Among council members are Victor Dolgopyatov, founder of Diacom Group, Director of the Department of Innovative Technologies of Everest Company, Olexandr Artsev, PR- and project manager of UNIT Factory, Anna Kosach, project manager of Innovation Market and Robert Szczesny, representative of international company Strong Interactions (Poland), and Oksen Lisovyi, Director of the JAS. Each team received relevant recommendations, comments and suggestions, and a complex view and motivation for the implementation of their own projects during the business pitching

Viktor Dolgopyatov, a former JAS student together with his new Polish friend, climber and innovator Robert Szczesny estimate that the JAS business incubator is "excellent". And sincerely advise young innovators: start with a small, easier project to make a big complex project! Constructive criticism and professional advice in the first stage of startups are especially useful - members of the expert board of "UF Incubator" noted with a benevolent humor.

A week of business education has been completed by the solemn certificates ceremony from the Junior Academy of Sciences and its strategic partners, and the excursion to educational IT sites of the UNIT.City - the first innovation park in Ukraine, which has no equivalent in Ukraine and in many countries of the world. In a place where the ecosystem and infrastructure for the development of business in the field of high technologies is created, people are ready to train young innovators for free with an agreement that they will work in Ukraine for the first three years after training. And such training in a young country full of multiple startups is worth it.

Serhiy Kutnyakov
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