From September 26 to 30, Mystetskyi Arsenal hospitably hosted the restless guests of the IV

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The creative Arsenal of Ideas Festival combines children's and adults' creativity, scientific innovations and bold artistic projects, modern educational programs and experimentation. The festival is organized by the National Cultural and Art and Museum Complex “Mystetskyi Arsenal” and the “Mystetskyi Arsenal” Charitable Foundation in cooperation with the Maryna Poroshenko Social Program. The Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is the long-term strategic partner of the educational event.

For this festival, the organizers chose the topic "If I were something/someone/somewhere" to demonstrate the diversity of life experiences - from corporal experience to professional one.

The festival was divided into three main thematic groups: "Space", "Body" and "Activity". The first one was connected with life inside and outside the city, orientation in space and its transformation, where guests could create a model of an ideal city. The second group covered both physical feelings and imagination the world of wildlife and new technologies. The third group gave the opportunity to try the role of an artist, supervisor, cultural manager, museum worker and other professions, which are now developing dynamically.

The Arsenal of Ideas Festival for the fourth year in a row unites the most effective and progressive works in the educational sphere, a wide range of innovative approaches to out-of-school education in Ukraine. Junior Academy of Sciences has vivid examples of educational developments and the latest techniques that successfully transform the usual process of learning into genuine scientific discoveries. One of the most successful JAS projects: Experimental Research Laboratory ‘ExLаb’, Futurum Children's Academy, MANLab Laboratory and the ARCHIKIDZ Festival! were with visitors during all days of the festival.

Ex Lab specialists excited children and their parents with chemical and biological experiments and demonstrations of unusual processes, which seem to be very complex at first glance, but, at the same time, could be easily explained by science. During the festival, the Laboratory of Experimental Studies experts have managed to separate the DNA from bananas, to demonstrate how to paint flowers capillaries and what can be seen in a drop of water. And they also showed visitors different microslides such as human chromosomes, oral cavity bacteria, and a limb of fly via the microscope.

The Futurum Children's Academy specialists encouraged young children to learn the laws of nature, backing up complex information and theory by interesting facts, scientific experiments and games using the CLIL methodology. Under the guidance of the teachers of the Children's Academy, the children dived into the world of chemical and biological experiments, revealing for themselves the physiology of plants, human anatomy, cytology and zoology, got acquainted with the rocks and remains of petrified plants. They also became masters of rhetoric, developing thinking, fantasy, attention, and memory and communication skills.

During the Arsenal days the representatives of ARCHIKIDZ! formed a new view of the world, space and the city through the study of architecture and art with the visitors. Specialists held architectural workshops on subject design and architectural collage, interactive games from the architectural school "Archigra", and workshop "Music and Architecture".

Thanks to the MANLab laboratory, visitors of the Mystetsky Arsenal were able to get acquainted with mini-models of solar panels and hydrogenerators in the last days of September.

The first lady of Ukraine Maryna Poroshenko also visited the Arsenal of Ideas Festival. Having been interested in the experimental space of the Junior Academy of Sciences, the wife of the President of Ukraine curiously examined the limb of fly with the microscope and asked the scientific team of the Junior Academy of Sciences about more experiments that the visitors of the festival could see.

Organizers of the "Arsenal of Ideas" noted that at the moment our country is in the process of powerful changes. During this, new values ​​are formed, as well as the awareness that the future is in the children's hands. After all, children and young people are the force that could make effective changes. Therefore, it is very important to fill their lives with positive emotions that the processes of knowledge and creativity give.

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