On the Lawyer's Day, young JAS lawyers visited the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

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Every young person who prepares himself for judicial, law enforcement or human rights activities since school years, dreams to visit his future place of work, to know and feel the specifics of the chosen profession, to join the knowledge, skills and basic principles of corporate culture. Members of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine of the "Jurisprudence" section and the winners and participants of the third stage of the All-Ukrainian competition-defense of JAS scientific research works had this opportunity to visit the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on October 8 in Kyiv under the scientific and educational project "Open Educational Laboratory".

Students from Lutsk and Kropyvnytskyi together with students of law schools of Kyiv universities spoke with experts of the Constitutional Court about its activities, its leaders, and especially about the constitutional jurisdiction. Particular attention was paid to the constitutional complaint: who and how can submit it, what are stages of passing and now young lawyers of the Junior Academy of Sciences know answers for sure.

Eleventh-grade student Vladyslav Lyasota from Lutsk got second place in the regional tournament of young lawyers. There were more professional questions to the employees of the CCU, where the guy wants to work, than the ability to put them up, so Vladyslav is sincerely grateful to the Junior Academy of Sciences for a magnificent excursion to the highest judicial authority in Ukraine. Taking into account how many thousands of cases and complaints are mourned for months and years without any effective consideration in various judicial, law enforcement and government instances, the young legal community of the country is ready to be involved in human rights and even anti-corruption activities to help to cover up papers, investigations and office work for court employees, NABU, law enforcement officers - of course, within their knowledge and competencies.

According to the head of the "Jurisprudence" section of Volyn JAS, PhD in law Olena Sasko, a sightseeing tour at the Constitutional Court of Ukraine was held to inform students about the principles of the court, to raise the level of citizens’ legal culture, their awareness of the order of protection of human rights and freedoms of a human and a citizen by the body of constitutional jurisdiction in Ukraine.

The sightseeing tour program included familiarization with the rooms of the Grand Chamber, the Court Senate, press center, library, archive, museum exposition. Also, there was a professional conversation with the CCU specialists. Considering that the educational and thematic excursion coincided with the professional holiday of lawyers - Lawyer's Day, future lawyers highlighted the history of the formation of the Court, its powers, the organization of activities and international relations of the Court, the functions of its secretariat.

Before returning home, the students walked the most popular tourist route of the capital: they visited the first legislator of Ukraine-Rus Yaroslav the Wise at the Golden Gate, became acquainted with the architecture and church buildings of the ancient Kyiv and enjoyed the views of Dnipro from Saint Volodymyr Hill.

Serhiy Kutnyakov
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