The MAS held the mathematics intensive course for twenty students from Odesa

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In September, the National Center of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine set up a project “Scientific studies for high school students”. However, on the request of the administration of the Odesa Richelieu Lyceum to conduct a similar training for their students, the academy has decided to revise the project format. As a result, students of Odesa Richelieu Lyceum during the period from 2 – 4 of December came to Kyiv to practice in mathematics.

This study is a course full of application tasks that consists of 5 lectures, while activities in studios for Kyiv students are divided into several thematic courses each of them lasts for three months and contains 12 lessons.

At the time of academic studios, students receive open and easy tasks. Also, they study the mathematics sections necessary to cope with tasks and to come close to success. The major task for students is an acquisition of working skills with unknown mathematics (and not only) tasks.

Volodymyr Plakhotnyk, an associate professor of the department of general mathematics of the faculty of mechanics and mathematics of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, PhD in physics and mathematics, worked with young scientists.

-         Among the students there were many bright brains that is enough good for their age. Among these fantastic children I can lay emphasis on Maksym Vysotskyi because only he could resolve enough difficult task, - Mr. Plakhotnyk commented.

Maksym Vysotskyi, a student with skills that were highly estimated by the lecturer, takes part in mathematic academic competitions and is preparing for the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine contests. According to Maksym, all that have been told in the intensive course was more interesting and complicated than at school. The student took on board the new Euclidean theorem and Euler's totient function.

The eighth-grader student, Elizaveta Shmuratko, had a sincere admiration after her Kyiv visit and lectures of the outstanding mathematician:

-         Even if we are the eight/seventh-grader students we liked everything and everything was clear for us. Speaking about algebra, the Euclidean theorem and numbers theory stuck in our memories – basic knowledge taught in academic organizations.

As a teacher of mathematics, Lilit Karapetian, who gives lessons in English language in the lyceum, affirms that training subjects had been well selected and were interesting to students. Mrs. Karapetian had just discussed with Mr. Plakhotnyk the theme of lectures for future Kyiv visits.

According to Tetiana Peshcherina, the deputy director of the National Center of Minor Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for scientific and educational work, the academy is currently making arrangements with schools from other Ukrainian regions to conduct such intensive courses. It is possible to order the training in any direction of studying. It requires to fill up an order and to coordinate all organization moments.

Serhiy Kutniakov
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