The Junior Academy of Sciences became a co-organizer of the III International Innovation Forum “Innovation Market”

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The exhibition area "Innovation Market" offered innovative ideas, projects, inventions and developments in IT, telecommunications, environment and energy, education and science, robotics, and many others during November 21-23. The forum is held annually under the patronage of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and two years in a row the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and its talented students took part in it.

Like last year, the JAS students demonstrated their inventions along with the elder developers on the same level at the forum. Within the "Innovation Market", the IX All-Ukrainian Scientific and Technical Exhibition-Competition for Youth Innovation Projects "The Future of Ukraine" took place, and this year it was devoted to the 100th anniversary of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

The Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Liliya Hrynevych visited the booth of the JAS students works defense. She spoke with schoolchildren and asked some of them about the peculiarities of their work. The expert jury of leading scientists and entrepreneurs was also interested in details of young researcher’s developments. Traditionally, participants presented their devices in seven categories: electronics and equipment; materials science and advanced technologies; engineering; information and telecommunication systems and technologies; ecology and resource conservation; technical creativity and invention; robotics and robotic systems. Each section was judged by a separate jury group.

The winners of the "Electronics and Instrumentation" category were the 10th-grade student Svitlana Brovdiy and the 11th-grade student Vadym Antolyk from the Zakarpattia region, combining their inventions in one, it was an electronic complex "Cimbor". This device is made for home protection and human protection: there is a function of indoors light and temperature control, the system analyzes the content of carbon monoxide and gas. All data is transferred to the owner via SMS, which allows the user to control the complex by himself.

A complete list of winners, a list of inventions of all the participants of the exhibition-contest will be available soon in the section "Exhibition-contest "The Future of Ukraine ".

Also, during the Innovation Market with the participation of the JAS students, anyone could visit the startup projects alley, where the members of the Junior Academy of Sciences business incubator "UF Incubator" presented their developments as a business idea. Here, the JAS students teams developed a business proposal (along with marketing, financial and economic calculations) that could make a profit. Representatives of business and government structures are already interested in some of them.

The creative JAS students also took part in the "Marathon of Intellectual Property -"IP Marathon 2018" contest, organized by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine. 13 participants of the exhibition "Future of Ukraine" were selected for the contest. School students worked in teams with students: they made commercial projects for their inventions and presented them as a proposal for investors. The idea of ​​"IP Marathon" is to form a competitive product on the market and to involve active youth in this process. The JAS students are one of them. The only thing that distinguishes them from the other participants of the marathon, and from the participants of the International Forum of Innovations in general, is their age, which works for their favor.

Lyudmyla Kopko
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