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On November 16, the constituent assembly of "Belt and Road International Science Education Coordinating Committee" (BRISECC) with official representatives of 29 countries took place in Beijing. Ukraine joined the leadership of this respectable institution, because the director of the "JAS" NC Oksen Lisovyi was elected as one of the four vice-presidents of the committee. Such decision was made on the basis of his detailed report on the latest practices in the scientific education development and introduction implemented by the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as the UNESCO Center.

"One Belt, One Road" is a Chinese government global initiative on the international trade, economic, cultural, scientific and technological cooperation. Launched in 2013, now it covers 66% of the world's population in 73 countries, including Ukraine, and provides about $ 1 trillion of investment. In turn, Belt and Road International Science Education Coordinating Committee aims to promote the development of scientific education in its participating countries through broad cooperation between government departments, academic institutions, schools, enterprises, as well as the resources, information and personnel sharing.

According to the results of the vote, the head of the committee became well-known theoretical physicist, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Wu Yueliang. Director of the National Center "Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" Oksen Lisovyi; President of the Science Foundation of the Organization for Economic Cooperation (ECOSF), Manzoor Hussain Soomro; Chairman Governing Board Chairman of the International Science, Technology and Innovation Centre for South-South Cooperation under the Auspices of UNESCO (ISTIC) Dato Lee Yee Cheong; Director of the Children & Youth Science Center of China Association for Science and Technology Liu Yang were chosen the vice-presidents

The committee meeting was held during the 2nd International Belt and Road Teenager Maker Camp and Teacher Workshop, which took place on November 15-21 in the capital of the People's Republic of China. The Children & Youth Science Center of China Association for Science and Technology was the organizer of this massive scientific and technological competition. Last year, during a meeting in Kyiv with the president of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stanislav Dovgyi representatives of the Center invited the JAS students to participate in the this competition. Then JAS students successfully performed in Beijing and received some awards; a presentation of the JAS activities for representatives from about 20 countries was also held at the time.

Now, the Junior Academy delegation came back at the Chinese colleagues’ invitation. On November 16, an official memorandum of cooperation between the institutions was signed by the director of the "JAS" NC Oksen Lisovyi and the director of the Children & Youth Science Center of China Association for Science and Technology Liu Yang.

According to the memorandum, the parties will conduct joint scientific and educational events with the participation of students and teachers of both countries, develop appropriate methodological materials, and they will make a joint contribution to the development of scientific education and will provide support to gifted children in the participating countries of the "One Belt, One Road» initiative in general.

Another successful achievement of Ukraine in Beijing was the JAS students’ successful performance. The competition was in hackathon form i.e the JAS students created and presented unique developments in 3D printing, robotics, virtual reality, as well as in the digital video sections.

‘The competition is non-standard, because children hadn’t any accomplished works, but they had to generate a certain technical solution on-site, and also with the international team. All our students had worked in completely different teams, and that was the complexity. Because after all, it was necessary to adapt to the group members who had come with different levels of training and different level of English. But it was very significant that almost all of our children had become leaders of these teams’ - Oksen Lisovyi said.

In addition to the project, the jury (Oleksandr Tolstov, member of the Ukrainian delegation, teacher at the "JAS" NC and a research assistant of the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of NASU was also invited as a one of the jury members) also took into account the presentation and the ability to interest a potential investor.

Five schoolchildren of the 9th and 10th grades from different cities, who are the winners of several sections in second stage of the JAS competition-defense represented Ukraine at this contest. It is noteworthy that all teams with young Ukrainian scientists won gold medals. The Ukrainian delegation consisted of Oleksandr Romenskyi (Kharkiv), who won the 3D printing nomination, Taras Kayuk (Dnipro) and Kateryna Odynets (Rivne), who became winners in the "Virtual Reality" nomination, Yelyzaveta Stolyarchuk (Kyiv), which was noted in "Intelligent Robot" nomination, and Yekateryna Tymoshchuk (Lviv) who won the "Creating a Digital Video" nomination. Each Ukrainian student received a diploma for winning the "Best Maker", "Best Presentation" nomination, as well as a reward for leadership in the team.

Kateryna Tymoschuk, 15 year old student of the Lviv Academic Gymnasium, is pleased to be able to practice in English-speaking environment and test her own speed in solving problems:

‘Our team consisted of seven participants from different countries of the world. The task was to create a video project about the work of other teams i.e. which project they have, how they work on it and what result they get. We have made one movie from twenty videos, added music and special effects. The presentation was about the technical tools we used during the work, about the difficulties and our own ways to cope with them.

Participation in the contest became a unique experience for other students from Ukraine, because creating something new, especially with the people you see for the first time, is a difficult task. So congratulations to our winners and we look forward to further effective cooperation with our foreign colleagues!

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