Learn how to count in order to get rid of illusions


    A bagel and a cup are the same things. It is nonsense, do not you think so? However, the laws of topology demonstrate the opposite and graduates of NC “JASU” National Summer Scientific School in Mathematics are able to prove it to you with an ease. They had been studying for the whole previous week, and even though the school finished yesterday, organizers decided to check how the studying was effective both qualitatively and quantitatively, that is why the results are going to be drawn during the next seven days.

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    Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is going to open the first interactive space Science Museum in Kyiv in the autumn. You will be able to ride a bicycle with square wheels, go on a space trip, look at a two-meter hologram and a 60-kilogramm crystal, compose water and salt from atoms in augmented reality, and learn how a human body is built there. In total, more than 120 interactive exhibits and installations are awaiting for visitors

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    Philosophy week at NC «JASU»


    Online format of summer studying at NC «JASU» greatly inspires and motivates organizers of the events and provides incredible possibilities for listeners. We are pleased with enrollment to National Summer Scientific School in Philosophy – we received more than 170 applications. School has started on July 20 and will be finished tomorrow.

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    Children who create cities


    Cities are still being built during the quarantine. ARCHIKIDZ! team has successfully demonstrated this by conducting forty online lessons as part of Junior Architect course. Being interested in urban planning, children studied different thematic modules, such as Four Elements, Portraits of Architects, Urbanism: Space through the Eyes of Architects, and Architecture in Details.

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  • IT-DISTANCE IT School in #zMANukaptsiach (#withJASUinslippers) mode


    NC “JASU” modern laboratory of information technologies intensively conducted webinars for both pupils and educators during the quarantine. In total, more than 300 participants expanded, enlarged and gained new knowledge at the most popular professions in IT industry.

    More Information 15.07.20
    What do Ukrainian ornaments say about?


    You believe that it is impossible to embroider online, do not you? Get rid of this stereotype because NC «JASU» National Summer School in Art History made its online debut and proved the opposite. Participants have finished studying today and now they have a lot of practical experience. To get into the school, pupils had to create their own projects where they studied embroidery of their areas; during studying they have improved their projects and have embroidered bookmarks.

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