International Activity of JAS

We work under the auspices of UNESCO and have the status of the Copernicus Academy as well as MILSET, IFIA, ASPAC, ASTC, and ECSITE memberships.

JAS also cooperates with NASA, CERN, Argonne National Laboratory, Francis Crick Institute, foreign higher education establishments, and other cool organizations!

Every JAS project is your chance to show your knowledge and skills, present your projects at world exhibitions and olympiads, and join the global scientific community!
In a nutshell, you can upgrade numerous skills, tell a huge audience about your projects and inventions, explore distant lands, and get a bunch of useful acquaintances at the same time.
Join international projects
Do you dream of starting your own eco-initiative or building a mathematical model of the impact of cryptocurrency on the world economy and sharing the results with the world?
Join research project competitions, they will make your dreams come true!
Do you want to compete for the title of a super-smart kid with strong competitors from around the world?
International olympiads wait for you!
If you are working on your startup or a new SMM tool and want to conquer Silicon Valley, take part in inventions and innovations competitions!
Take part in inventions and innovations competitions!
Do you dream of studying Physics at CERN, getting the NASA internship, or researching robotics at the scientific club in the UAE? You can do it with science schools!
You can do it with science schools – join in!
Or, maybe, you want to deliver an inspirational speech or talk about your startup in front of a huge audience? International educational events are for you!
Then international educational events are waiting for you!
gold medals
international competitions and events
Grand Prix
memberships in international organizationss
Members of the JAS team are also the jury, participants, and committee members in international organizations.
Stanislav Dovgyi
President of the JAS
Oksen Lisovyi
Director of the JAS
Yevheniy Kudriavets
Deputy Director for Strategic Project Management and International Relations
Vasyl Dunets
Head of educational programmes department at the centre of interactive museum science
The Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is a member of many international organizations that promote science and technology, encourage to do research, and explore the world around us.
European network of ECSITE research centers and museums
Association Of Science-Technology Centers "ASTС"
The International Movement for Leisure Activities in Science and Technology
The Asia Pacific Network of Science & Technology Centres (ASPAC)
International Federation of Inventors' Associations (IFIA)
World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (WCGTC)