• How can I participate in the competition?

    Talk to the teacher whose subject you are interested in about research work. Can't find the right person in your school? Find out whether there are JAS clubs in your city or community, and they will help you. They will consult you on all the stages including preparation, registration, and submission of your work for evaluation.

    Everything that interests you can be the subject of research. It is important to choose the right industry. In total, there are 12 research departments and 65 sections (the number of research topics is constantly growing!). Among them, choose the one you like most and prepare your project!

  • Is it possible to edit or modify the research work after its submission?

    No, all the materials (poster, presentation, report, etc.) must correspond to the content of the printed version of the work that you have submitted to the organizers of the relevant stage. Updated research results and other materials are not taken into account in the process of evaluating and determining the results of the competition.

  • What are the participants disqualified for?
    • The topic and content of the project or work do not correspond to the focus of the scientific section.
    • The participant re-submitted the project without significant revision.
    • The project contains plagiarism or other violations of academic integrity.
    • The participant did not carry out independent research and analysis of sources and did not make own conclusions on the chosen topic.
    • The project does not contain one or more necessary structural elements of the work provided by the rules.
    • The participant violates ethical norms and current legislation.
  • Can I submit my work for the second year in a row?

    Yes, but it should not be the same work!
    The project should be significantly improved, fundamentally new results should be obtained, other sources should be used, additional tasks should be solved, etc.

  • When will I receive the review of my research work from the jury?

    The rules and program of the competition do not provide for written review of research papers by members of the jury at any stage of the competition.
    However, during the poster presentation, the jury provides recommendations to the participants. So, you will be able to ask the jury members about their impressions of your project and get feedback that will help refine and develop the research.

  • Where can I get acquainted with the projects of the participants of my section / branch?

    You can do that during open exhibitions, which are held by the organizers of the competition. You will listen to the reports of other participants and ask them questions during the scientific conference — an important stage of the competition.

    If you want to examine the work of competitors in detail, you can contact them in person :) We remind you that such relations are regulated by copyright and current legislation.

  • What is the difference between my poster presentation and presentation at the scientific conference?

    Poster presentation is defending your work. The jury seeks to determine your competence in the chosen research topic. To do this, you need to reveal the scientific background of research: subject, object, tasks, research methods, and conclusions reached in the work. At the same time, the jury will be most interested in your answers to their clarifying questions.

    Performance at the scientific conference is a report delivered to like-minded people, which allows you to cover your favorite part of the study. It is no longer necessary to explain the scientific background as you can focus on a particular aspect of the research project reflected in the section, subsection, or conclusions to the section. There are clear requirements for the structure of the poster presentation, but you can improvise when speaking at the scientific conference.

  • When can I find out about the results of the extramural evaluation and the points for the poster presentation or the scientific conference?

    The overall results of the competition are announced on the last day of the relevant stage of the competition at a solemn ceremony. The organizers will inform you in advance about the exact dates when the overall points for each section of the competition will appear on the site!

  • If I don't have the technical means to engage in a video call according to the contest program, what should I do?

    Reach out to the educational institution, the branch of the Academy of Sciences, organizers of the relevant stage, or the education department in your area. They will definitely help you!

  • What will I get from participating in the competition?

    The contest-presentation of scientific research projects among JAS students is about cool experiences and networking!

    You can challenge yourself as a real researcher: show the whole country a mobile application development, share views on an eco-friendly technology, or prove the cultural potential of memes.

    You will also find like-minded people from different cities of Ukraine, join the scientific community, and, of course, compete for diplomas, prizes, and cash gifts from public and charitable organizations. If you take first place at the stage III of the competition, you will receive a scholarship from the President of Ukraine!